December 2021

Christmas Display at St. Alfege Church

Greenwich Church Street

Greenwich, SE10 9BJ

Advent Windows 2021 concludes at St. Alfege Church, the organisers of this annual event. 

The church’s own “window” is actually four images hung on the railing in front of the East Portico. The images are from the original sculpture created by Jonathan Bishop for the first ever Advent Window in 2007, which was an animation.  The animation was back projected onto the window of a house on St. Alfege Passage, overlooking the church. It was originally sculpted as an eight-month foetus and the moving image resembled a medical scan. It was the first advent window to open, on 1 December, and the sculpture was presented in church re-shaped into a baby for Christmas Day.

Christmas Services at St. Alfege Church

Due to restrictions in place due to COVID-19, some Christmas services at St. Alfege will be ticketed this year. For more information, go to the church website here. If you’re unable to attend, you can watch the services via YouTube.

Christmas Eve

5 p.m. – Christingle and Crib service. (Ticketed. You can book via this link.) A service especially for families with young children.

11:30 p.m. – Midnight Mass (Candlelit) Choir carol service at 10:45 p.m., followed by Midnight Mass at 11:30 p.m.

25th December – Christmas Day

11 a.m. – Parish Eucharist

26th December – First Sunday of Christmas

10 a.m. – Holy Communion with Hymns

Happy Christmas to you all.


Brighter Visions

41 Egerton Drive

Greenwich, SE10 8JR

Looking forward to brighter visions in 2022.

The window is best viewed after 4 p.m.


Brighter Visions in Bethlehem

5 King William Walk

Greenwich, SE10 9JH

Come and worship Christ the newborn king.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 4 p.m.


Angels Light the Way

9 Royal Place

Greenwich, SE10 8QF

A gathering of angels who are lighting the way to better times.

The window will be ready by 5 p.m. on 22 December.


The Show Must Go On…

Greenwich Theatre

Nevada Street

Greenwich, SE10 8ES

Greenwich Theatre’s 2021 Advent Window represents the positive outlook and “Brighter Vision” we maintain in regard to the performing arts industry getting back on its feet after such a dark period.  

This festive season we celebrate the long awaited return of our traditional pantomime, The Queen of Hearts, whilst looking forward to the exciting productions we have scheduled for the new year.  

Our Advent Window reflects Greenwich Theatre’s resilience and commitment to entertaining our loyal audiences, despite several industry wide lockdowns.  

After all the show must go on…  

The window is best viewed any time.


Find the Joy

59 Randall Place

Greenwich, SE10 9LA

During the pandemic everyone talked about taking time to enjoy life more. Now we’re redesigning our lives for a new world, let’s not forget that lesson learned. Find the joy!

The window is best viewed any time. It will be ready by 5 p.m.


December 18, 2021: Cutty Sark

December 18, 2021

Brighter Visions

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Gardens, King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9HT

Students from Mulgrave Primary School in Woolwich created this colourful window with the assistance of local artist Jenny Staff. The window ties in the themes of the Cutty Sark, Mulgrave missions and the theme “Brighter Visions.”

The Advent Window can be found in the tower next to the ship and can be seen at any time. It will be ready at 2 p.m. on 18 December.


“Smilely Happy People”

Ben Oakley Gallery

9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9JA

Smile and the whole of Greenwich smiles with you. Even in 2021. Neon Bright Smileys Galore will be found in the window at Ben Oakley Gallery.

While you’re admiring the window this weekend, why not pop into the Gallery and have a look at its annual act auction of The Phing Things? Artists decorate the plain penguin and there will be a silent auction at the gallery. All proceeds benefit St. Christopher’s Hospice.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready in the morning of December 17.



67 Maidenstone Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8SY

There’s always a reason to be optimistic. There’s always a reason to love the bright lights. Be the star in your own life.

This window actually had two versions. Much like other things in 2021, there was a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan B went up on the 16th of December, but Plan A (above) went up a few days later once all of the necessary supplies had arrived, and the owner was no longer in Covid isolation. Below is Plan B, which we’re sure you’d agree is also beautiful.

The window is best viewed when lit.

The window will be ready in the evening on 16 December.


(No Window Today)

Art Made by St. Ursula’s School

68 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8HG

Unfortunately, there will be no window for 15 December as the installer has been felled by Covid and needs to isolate. The Advent Window would have been done by the students of St. Ursula’s School and seen at the Presbytery of Our Lady Star of the Sea on 68 Crooms Hill. We hope the installer feels better soon, and we look forward to seeing St. Ursula’s contribution in 2022.