December 2020

Christmas Display at St. Alfege Church

Greenwich Church Street

Greenwich, SE10 9BJ

Advent Windows 2020 concludes at St. Alfege Church, the organisers of this annual event. 

Christmas Services at St. Alfege Church

Due to restrictions in place due to COVID-19, Christmas services at St. Alfege will be ticketed this year. For more information, go to the church website here. If you’re unable to secure a ticket, you can watch the services via YouTube.

December 23

4 p.m. – Christingle A service especially for families with young children.

Christmas Eve

4 p.m. – Christingle and Crib service. A service especially for families with young children.

11 p.m. – Midnight Mass (Candlelit) Due to COVID restrictions, the church will not be having the usual choir concert before the service.

25th December – Christmas Day

11 a.m. – Parish Eucharist

Happy Christmas to you all.



Richard the First Pub

52-54 Royal Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8RT

This year’s Advent Windows by Richard the First Pub asks you to think about togetherness. Our 2020 window represents the communication between families, friends and loved ones near and far during the festive period. This year, we may all need to come together in new ways. We wanted to highlight some of the wonderful ways we can show our love from our homes this holiday season throughout the pub.

Best viewed from inside the pub any time.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on the 23rd. 


South London to the Southern Hemisphere

9 Royal Place

Greenwich, SE10 8QF

Thinking of family this Christmas, who are both near and far (and both in this hemisphere and the other one). T

The window will be ready by 5 p.m. on 22 December.


“Give Me a Wave!”

67 Maidenstone Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8SY

From the inside looking out, and from the outside looking in.

The window is best viewed when lit.

The window will be ready in the evening on 21 December.


Angels Are Near

5 King William Walk

Greenwich, SE10 9JH

In our window, you’ll be able to see angels, who are always nearby.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 4 p.m.


Christmas Connections

41 Egerton Drive

Greenwich, SE10 8JR

In a year like no other, we still look to make Christmas connections to the people we love in 2020.

The window is best viewed after 4 p.m.


Near & Far

Art Made by St. Ursula’s School

68 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8HG

Our window can be seen at the Presbytery of the church on 68 Crooms Hill. The artwork was completed by the school’s art department with assistance from the St. Ursula’s students.

The window is best viewed after dark.


“How Much is that Planet in the Window?”

32 Hyde Vale

Greenwich, SE10 8QH

Near and far, we all share the responsibility of caring for our planet. It’s the only one we have! How much is it worth to you?

The window can be viewed any time, but is best after dark. It will be ready by 5 p.m.

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Curtain Up On Christmas

59 Randall Place

Greenwich, SE10 9LA

A small celebration of theatre, which we have been so near to getting back after its shutdown for much of 2020, but remains so far away.

The window is best viewed any time. It will be ready by 5 p.m.


December 15, 2020: Cutty Sark

December 15, 2020

The World in London

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Gardens, King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9HT

Cutty Sark has travelled across the world, sailing under both the Red Ensign and the Portugese flag. She visited every major port in the world through the course of her working life and carried many different cargos all around the world, including wool, coal, shark bones, pianos, mail and rice. She brought the world to London.

Artist Joel Sydenham created the mural and worked with students from the Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit to complete it. In a year when the many international tourists have not been able to visit Greenwich, we like to remember the time when the Cutty Sark and ships like it brought goods and cultures from around the world into our city.

The Advent Window can be found in the tower next to the ship and can be seen at any time.