December 2016

24 December: St. Alfege Church

December 24, 2016

Christmas Display at St. Alfege Church

Greenwich Church Street

Greenwich, SE10 9BJ

Advent Windows 2016 concludes at St. Alfege Church, the organisers of the annual event. The life-sized nativity will be on display on the steps of the church.

Christmas Services at St. Alfege Church

Christmas Eve

5.00pm – Christingle and Crib service.

10.45pm – Choir Carols

11.30pm – Midnight Mass

25th December – Christmas Day

8.00am – Holy Communion

11.00am – Parish Communion

Happy Christmas to you all.


Journey of Promise

5 King William Walk

Greenwich, SE10 9JH

This Advent Window will show Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 3 p.m. on 23 December.


22 December: 18 Churchfields

December 22, 2016

Angel of the South

18 Churchfields

Greenwich, SE10 9JZ

This Advent Window will be a combination of angels and light to signify that though we face uncertain times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have to have faith and move forward with hope and positivity.

A variety of angels and light will be used to light up the short days and dark evenings.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 9 am 22 December.


The Heavenly City

88 Ashburnham Grove

Greenwich, SE10 8UJ

This Advent Window is an imagining of the view of the Heavenly City– seen on the horizon for we are still far off.

The window is best viewed in the evening and is best seen from across the street, as the first-floor window will be used.

The window will be ready by 7 p.m. on 6 December.


The White Rabbit

Greenwich Railway Station: Created by the Flower Hut at Greenwich Station

Greenwich High Road

Greenwich, SE10 8NB

This Advent Window finds its inspiration from “Alice in Wonderland” and its White Rabbit. He may always be running late, but this has NOTHING to do with the trains leaving this station.

The window can be viewed at any time.

The window will be ready by 9 a.m. on 20 December.


19 December: 30 Crooms Hill

December 19, 2016

Hope & Longing

30 Crooms Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8ER

Using graphics and light effects, this window provides a description of a place and a journey.

The window can be viewed at any time, but best seen after dark.

The window will be ready by 7 p.m. on 19 December.


Hope Lanterns

Art done by St. Alfege Sunday School

7 Point Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8QW

In our Advent Window, the children display their messages of hope in brightly coloured lanterns hanging in the tree, with a promise of better times to come.

The window is best viewed at night.

The window will be ready by 4 p.m. on 18 December.



Ben Oakley Gallery

9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9JA

Three different symbols of peace, with one in each window.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 11 a.m. on 17 December. 


Just Love the Promised Time

16 St. Alfege’s Passage, Greenwich, SE10 9LZ

This is a uniquely Greenwich Advent Window, as it features the Greenwich Time Lady. Elizabeth Ruth Naomi Belville (5 March 1854 – 7 December 1943), a London businesswoman, was also known as the Greenwich Time Lady. She, her mother Maria Elizabeth, and her father John Henry, sold people the time. This was done by setting a watch to Greenwich Mean Time, as shown by the Greenwich clock, and then selling people the time by letting them look at their watch. She certainly loved time!

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 16 December. Mulled wine and mince pies will be available that evening to celebrate the opening.


“Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?”

67 Maidenstone Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8SY

Taking a culinary journey back in time.

The window is best viewed in the evening.

The window will be ready after 7 p.m. on 15 December.