December 1, 2020: 30 Crooms Hill

December 1, 2020

Travel in Mind

30 Crooms Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8ER

When physical travel is restricted, like it has been in 2020, it is still possible to be transported.

Everything we would love to do is just the other side of a window.

While Disneyland may sell itself as the kingdom of dreams, the children of Denmark have somewhere of their own much closer at hand, in the Tivoli Gardens of København. This 19th century pleasure garden still draws visitors from all over the world, and sends them back to Stockholm, New York, and Crooms Hill, with vivid memories and a deep desire to return.

But even for the locals, the attraction of Tivoli is bound up with the allure of travel. From the beginning the gardens housed a miniature railway and a pirate galleon, to which have been added carousels, tethered balloons, cars on rails. Even for those who a day before were thousands of feet up in a real aeroplane, it’s much more fun to be lifted a few feet up in a toy balloon. It’s a dream of travel without danger, of adventure without risk; nothing but simple, harmless fun.

As 2020 ends, and a New Year approaches, there are worse things to hope for.

The window can be viewed at any time, but probably best after dark.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 1 December.

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