December 2018

4 December: 51 Hyde Vale

December 4, 2018

Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?

51 Hyde Vale

Greenwich, SE10 8QQ

See a lamb in action! First, dreaming in a field and see the angels, then racing to the stables and finally keeping the new baby Jesus warm.

With music and motion, this is a window not to be missed.

Watch this window in action here!

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m.


Dreams for the Future

James Wolfe Primary School, Royal Hill Campus

Randall Place, Greenwich, SE10 8RZ

Our decorative Christmas-themed window shows a collaboration of children’s art from across the school.

As well as creating these beautiful images, we have been thinking about our own dreams. But we’ve also been considering dreams that will help both children and adults in our community around the world this Christmas and into the future.

If you get close enough to the window, you will be able to read the children’s dreams.

The window will be ready by 3 p.m. on 3 December. The children will be singing Christmas carols to open the window.

The window is best viewed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. After the school closes, you’ll be able to see the windows from Royal Hill during the day.











Christmas Dreams

Karen Woolven Flowers

18 Royal Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8RT

The talented staff of Karen Woolven Flowers plan to fill their Advent Windows with an everlasting ring of gold.

The window is best viewed at any time.


Are You Listening?

213 Greenwich High Road

Greenwich, SE10 8NB

Historically, bells are rung during Christmas to announce the arrival of the season, to proclaim the birth of Christ. During church services at Christmas, bells are rung to signal the beginning of the mass.

The tradition of bell ringing can be traced back to pagan winter celebrations. During those times, noisemakers were used to scare away evil spirits in the night. Christmas bells have endured throughout the years as a traditional Christmas activity.

Christmas bells can also be a call for attention. This year, amid all the uncertainty of the world, and a growing reluctance to give time to differing viewpoints, we have to ask: Are you listening?

The window is best photographed during the day, but can be viewed at any time.

The window will be ready by 2 p.m. on 1 December.