December 2018

14 December: Pickwick Papers

December 14, 2018

Sounds Barmy

Pickwick Papers & Fabrics

6 Nelson Road, Greenwich, SE10 9NU

If animals are in the field of dreams, this window features animals in the field, bewildered…

The window is best viewed any time, but best at night for pictures. 

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 14 December.


Lighting the Way

Art Made by St. Ursula’s School

68 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8HG

Our Ladye Star of the Sea & St. Ursula’s School are pleased to participate in the St. Alfege Church Advent Windows for 2018. Our window remembers the sacrifice World War I soldiers made for their country. Like Jesus, they are a shining example of fighting for love and peace.

Our window can be seen at the Presbytery of the church on 68 Crooms Hill. The artwork was completed by the school’s art department with assistance from the St. Ursula’s students.


Dreaming of Angels

Greenwich Railway Station: Created by Courtyard Nursery

Greenwich High Road

Greenwich, SE10 8NB

A heavenly host of angels from past and present pupils of Courtyard Nursery.

The angels are a Courtyard tradition and people keep and display them year after year.

The window can be viewed at any time.

The window will be ready by 4 p.m. on 12 December.


Hold on to Your Dreams!

St. Alfege with St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School

10 Creek Road, Greenwich, SE10 9RB

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 

There is a magic about Christmas that one can never quite explain. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, let us be filled with the Christmas magic that allows us to believe anything is possible.

Grab hold of your dreams with both hands, hold on to them, and as you sit before the crib on Christmas morning, offer them to the baby Jesus that he might give you the desires of your heart.

The window is best seen during the day, but is also illuminated at night. 

The window will be ready by 3 p.m. on 11 December. 


Dreams from the Past

James Wolfe Primary School, Randall Place Campus

Randall Place, Greenwich, SE10 9LA

As a school, this year we have looked at dreams from the past and are remembering 100 years since the end of World War I.

As well as creating beautiful artwork, the children at Randall Place have been learning about the soldiers who fought in World War I. We have been thinking about what dreams people 100 years ago would have had for their futures.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful imagery the children have created to remember the people who made our future what it is today.

The window can be viewed any time from across the road at Randall Place. 

The window will be ready by 3:30 p.m. on 10 December. The children will be singing Christmas carols under the school canopy to open the window.


Both Sides Now

28 King George Street

Greenwich, SE10 8QD

We all welcome clouds that promise snow at Christmas. This window also celebrates clouds that bring rain, and life-giving water. It expresses a dream that we can work together to help safeguard our planet.

The window will be ready at dusk on 9 December. 

It’s best viewed any time, but it is lit at night. 


8 December: Theatre of Wine

December 8, 2018

Theatre of Wine

75 Trafalgar Road

Greenwich, SE10 9TS

Our Advent Window sends us on dreamy wings into the night sky, with billowing clouds and nebulas filled with fine wines, rare beers and exquisite spirits. This is the field for our Christmas reveries.

The window can be viewed at any time. 

The window will be ready by 10 a.m. on 8 December. Please join us during the day for a glass of something lovely and a little festive cheer. To see our Christmas offer, please visit


7 December: 30 Crooms Hill

December 7, 2018

A Dream of Fields

30 Crooms Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8ER

When the Great War ended, 100 years ago, soldiers and sailors, nurses, pilots, and priests, began their journey home; back to the places for which many of them had been fighting, for which many had died; back to places which all of them remembered, and about which, in moments of ease or of utter fatigue, they had dreamed. For many in a conscript army these places were fields, the farmland of the youth which for hundreds of them had not yet ended; the moorland of Somerset, the chalk of the Downs, fields of loam, of flint, of heather, and everywhere the smoke of the farmhouse, the lines of the hedge laid down before the coming of the Norman kings, and the hard-packed earth roads which led to Home.

Idealised in posters and songs, drawn in bright colours, this Home became a symbol of the Family, the Nation, of all that was worth protecting, and those field may have been more real as dreams than as patches of earth. It may be true to say that those fields were never better loved.

The window can be viewed at any time, but best seen after dark.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 7 December.


6 December: Cutty Sark

December 6, 2018

Cutty Sark Constellations

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Gardens, King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9HT

Rejoice with the ship’s brave sailors, who have followed the stars across the seas and made it home in time for Christmas.

We would like to thank all of the families who helped us create this window at our Christmas craft workshop.

The window can be seen at any time, but it is best viewed after dark.


5 December: 41 Egerton Drive

December 5, 2018

Field of Dreams

41 Egerton Drive

Greenwich, SE10 8JR

Showcasing fields dotted with dreams and stars, along with a nod to the baseball-inspired film.

The window is best viewed after 4 p.m.

On its opening day, the window will be ready by 5 p.m. We will be serving mince pies and mulled wine outside between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Open to anyone who wants to come along.