7 December: 30 Crooms Hill

December 7, 2018

A Dream of Fields

30 Crooms Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8ER

When the Great War ended, 100 years ago, soldiers and sailors, nurses, pilots, and priests, began their journey home; back to the places for which many of them had been fighting, for which many had died; back to places which all of them remembered, and about which, in moments of ease or of utter fatigue, they had dreamed. For many in a conscript army these places were fields, the farmland of the youth which for hundreds of them had not yet ended; the moorland of Somerset, the chalk of the Downs, fields of loam, of flint, of heather, and everywhere the smoke of the farmhouse, the lines of the hedge laid down before the coming of the Norman kings, and the hard-packed earth roads which led to Home.

Idealised in posters and songs, drawn in bright colours, this Home became a symbol of the Family, the Nation, of all that was worth protecting, and those field may have been more real as dreams than as patches of earth. It may be true to say that those fields were never better loved.

The window can be viewed at any time, but best seen after dark.

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 7 December.

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