December 2017

24 December: St. Alfege Church

December 24, 2017

Christmas Display at St. Alfege Church

Greenwich Church Street

Greenwich, SE10 9BJ

Advent Windows 2017 concludes at St. Alfege Church, the organisers of the annual event. The life-sized nativity will be on display on the steps of the church.

Christmas Services at St. Alfege Church

Christmas Eve

5.00pm – Christingle and Crib service.

10.45pm – Choir Carol Concert

11.30pm – Midnight Mass (Candlelit)

25th December – Christmas Day

8.00am – Holy Communion

11.00am – Parish Eucharist with Carols

Happy Christmas to you all.


Angels Triumph

5 King William Walk

Greenwich, SE10 9JH

Angels celebrate the new arrival.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 3 p.m. on 23 December.

Here’s another photo of the work in progress:


22 December: 14c Park Vista

December 22, 2017

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

14c Park Vista

Greenwich, SE10 8UJ

One of the best ways to express jubilation is through singing. In our window, angels will be singing angelically, as they do every Christmas.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 7 p.m. on 22 December.


21 December: 15 Crane Street

December 21, 2017

Jubilation Down by the Thames

15 Crane Street

Greenwich, SE10 9NP

This window will show jubilation on the River Thames, featuring illustrations by artist Peter Kent of the royal barge Gloriana, which was a showpiece in Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebrations of 2012, as well as the 2012 London Olympics .

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 5 p.m. on 21 December.


Joy to the World

88 Ashburnham Grove

Greenwich, SE10 8UJ

Celebrating the birth of our Saviour and the love brought to all peoples and all places in 2018.

The window is best viewed in the evening and is best seen from across the street, as the first-floor window will be used.

The window will be ready by 7 p.m. on 20 December.


“In Dolci Jublio”

67 Maidenstone Hill

Greenwich, SE10 8SY

If you’re wondering about the title, In dulci jubilo (“In sweet rejoicing”) is a traditional Christmas carol. In its original setting, the carol is a macaronic text of German and Latin dating from the Middle Ages.aking a culinary journey back in time.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready after 7 p.m. on 19 December.


Jubilation is in the Air!

Richard the First Pub

52-54 Royal Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8RT

We asked our local community in one word what makes them happy. Each colourful origami bird represents their response.

Happiness is in the air, it’s Christmas everywhere, let’s show some love, care and magic for everyone out there.

Best viewed from inside the pub any time.

The window will be ready by 8 p.m. on the 18th. 



Ben Oakley Gallery

9 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9JA

Using the trademark Ben Oakley Gallery “London Graffiti Fairy” as a stork character delivering bundles of job and jubilation across the land.

The window is best viewed any time.

The window will be ready by 9 a.m. on 17 December. 


16 December: Number 16 B&B

December 16, 2017

Wait & See

16 St. Alfege’s Passage, Greenwich, SE10 9LZ

Wait and see. See and wait. It’s Christmas!

The window is best viewed at night  

The window will be ready by 6 p.m. on 16 December.  

Also, here’s a slo-mo video of the snowflakes dancing around.  



15 December: Pickwick Papers

December 15, 2017

Rapture! Rapture!

Pickwick Papers & Fabrics

6 Nelson Road, Greenwich, SE10 9NU

This window is inspired by Salvador Dalí, who said this:

“Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy —the joy of being Salvador Dalí— and I ask myself in rapture: What wonderful things is this Salvador Dalí  going to accomplish today?”

It features many overlapping colours, creating new ones, too.

The window is best viewed any time, but best at night for pictures. 

The window will be ready by 12 p.m. on 15 December.